Good Companies Guarantee a Good Tomorrow for Finns

Good companies build a Finland where there is wellbeing tomorrow, too. Our good companies are responsible, they pay necessary taxes to society, generate export earnings, employ hundreds of thousands of Finns, inspire innovations and respond to climate change by developing a more sustainable world.

We created this campaign to bring out the importance of good companies in Finland.

How a Good company works


Payment of taxes

There are no grey days for good companies. Salaries paid into Finnish bank accounts and taxes paid into
the public purse create the common wellbeing of Finns.



Good companies provide some of the best jobs in Finland and employ almost 1.7 million Finns in different sectors across the country. Work done by good companies creates bright moments and dozens of other things that improve life.


Export earnings

A small country like Finland depends on foreign trade. Success in export markets requires competitive products and services that good companies provide.



Good companies feed talents. With more than €4 billion allocated to research, development and innovations, they are building a Finland where anyone could become the next Nobel laureate.


Sustainable development

In a country of long distances, good companies work for smarter solutions and a more sustainable Finland. This means millions of euros of investments in sustainable development projects in Finland and elsewhere each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the campaign created?

Companies are often eclipsed when talking about Finnish wellbeing. All the same, they play a vital role in funding wellbeing in Finland. Companies provide employment and generate export earnings, their employees receive a salary and pay taxes, thereby contributing to ensuring our common wellbeing.

Why is it called the Good Company campaign when there’s no conclusive definition of a good company?

Companies provide employment and pay salaries and taxes on which wellbeing is built. Companies make innovations that ensure competitiveness in global markets. Some innovations are helping to solve major global challenges such as climate change and loss of nature. Companies also continue to develop their accountability and ways to look after both their people and the environment. Companies play a vital role both in ensuring wellbeing of the people and the environment and in solving future challenges.

What criteria have been used in choosing the companies on the website?

All EK (Confederation of Finnish Industries) member associations that have completed the questions in the Good Company survey have been included. Although the answer to most of the questions can be found in the annual reports of the companies concerned, there was one important qualitative question that was mandatory for all: How does your company do good? The answers to this question can be found on the business cards!

Has the campaign caught on with companies?

Absolutely! There’s been tremendous enthusiasm. Not often companies get a chance to talk about how they value the wellbeing of people, environment and societies. This is now an opportunity for them to do so together and all companies wanting to join in have also been able to tell their own story through their business cards.

How is the EK Confederation of Finnish Industries involved in the campaign?

EK is funding the campaign. However, this campaign does not feature EK’s influencer messages but uses practical examples that aim to open and show the role of companies in ensuring Finnish wellbeing. Bob the Robot is responsible for the creative realisation of the campaign.

What are the advertising campaign claims based on?

The advertising claims are based on official and public information sources, such as Statistics Finland data.